The Producers

Director/Producer:  Pam Powell

After a 32­-year career as a feature writer, university magazine editor, and director of publications and periodicals for UAB, Pam Powell began telling stories via video, audio, and photography in 2009; she has produced several multi­-chapter biographical videos (life stories captured in film) and has produced numerous short video features. Since 2014, she has conducted some 60 full life story interviews and edited some of this footage into video features about the Unitarian Universalist Church of Birmingham. Bending the Arc to Justice is her first feature-length film; she serves as director, co-producer, writer, photographer/videographer, and one of the two primary editors of the film. She hopes to continue producing documentary films on human rights issues. More info at

Producer: David Brower

David Brower has spent four decades filming, directing and producing commercials, documentaries, narrative shorts and feature films, accumulating many awards. Growing up in Chicago, then living and working in Phoenix, he moved to Birmingham 25 years ago. He has been involved with the Unitarian Universalist Church of Birmingham through the years (for his children and for social justice issues), without ever joining the congregation, giving him both a familiarity and an objective perspective on the church. He hopes this film will inspire people to continue to fight for equal justice for everyone. He serves as co-producer, videographer, photographer, and one of the two primary editors of the film. Resume, credits and work at